What Happened (about me)

I was still in high school when I cut my first voiceover, a commercial for a bowling center – that was over 25 years ago. Following a meandering career path, I spent time working in hospitality marketing, advertising, audio and video production, radio, restaurant management, and DJing – at nightclubs, private events and pulling on-air shifts in Hot AC, Oldies, & Active Rock radio formats. The one constant through all this was a steady stream of voiceover work; it was the only thing I was always doing, regardless of my ‘day job’. In early 2003, I took the plunge and went full time freelance. Since it was slow going at first, I kept up with the live stuff, DJing and announcing at clubs, parties, and live events ranging from high level corporate meetings to cage announcing MMA fights. I liked this combination of in-studio and in-front-of-a-crowd, so I stuck with it.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time on the water in a kayak. I’m getting the hang of whitewater but also spending a lot of time swimming. That’s the learning process, I guess. Big Detroit Red Wings fan, hockey fan in general. And since I live in Iowa City, I’m a Hawkeye fan – specifically Hawkeye wrestling. I could take or leave the other sports but don’t tell anybody – that’s pretty much heresy in this town.

I also enjoy mashing my fingers into a keyboard, forming interesting patterns that represent ideas, concepts, and logical constructs, which is a damned obtuse way of saying I like to write. I hope you like to read. Enjoy.


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